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Le temps des roses is a floral design company whose site below is intended to:

1. The sale of fresh flowers, arrangements and / or stabilized.

2. A personalized advice service for making bouquets, floral decoration for the

 interior and events.

The site is addressed to individuals as well as professionals and its use implies

the acceptance by its users all of the following conditions:

Terms of Service - purchasing, consulting, information of:

This site is exclusively reserved for the online purchase of products that are offered.

It also allows to make contact with our advisors.

Do not use this site or any portion of this site to other purposes.

Any adult and in possession of a valid credit card (or with permission from the credit card holder) can place an order on the site.

Parents will be held accountable for a purchase made by their minor children.

The validation of a purchase is subject to the following conditions:

1. Approval of the transaction by the credit card company.

2. The availability of products in stock.

3. The buyer has provided all information requested when ordering.

4. The buyer has an email address or has agreed an order with our online advisors.

5. Any order placed by telephone must be simultaneously written and will be confirmed by email after payment.


Products and deliveries:

The prices listed on the site are quoted in shekels and include VAT. They may be modified without notice from Le temps des roses. However, the price of an order that will remain effective at the time of validation.

The photos on the site are not contractual. Regarding job creation and seasonal flowers, there may be a slight difference between the ordered product and the received product.

However, Le temps des roses committed to providing the most similar product possible.

We also make sure to provide you with great quality products.

In case a product is missing, it may be replaced by an equivalent but the customer will be notified before.

Fresh flower arrangements are available the day after the order in the cities of the center of Israel or at a later date chosen by the customer. Delivery is to the customer.

Stabilized flowers are available in all the cities of Israel within 2 to 7 days.

For same day delivery desired, make contact by telephone with le temps des roses.

Warranty and liability:

For all orders placed on the site, the customer agrees to provide all information requested and is liable to criminal prosecution use case of false information;

The company can not be held responsible in case of input error information or

erroneous details provided by the customer (name, address, email address etc ...) or error on the

control herself.

Similarly, the customer must check the condition of the product upon receipt since no complaint will be accepted if the company does not informed in time of receipt.

No return of goods will be accepted and no refund made except in the case of fault borne by the company and which will decide in its sole discretion.

Le temps des roses can not guarantee the duration of stabilized flowers, it will depend on the care that you bring them to and compliance with care instructions: Do not give water, Do not expose to heat and humidity.

Online payment, Order Cancellation

All prices displayed on the website include VAT, unless otherwise indicated. Payment will be made by credit card and validated upon acceptance of the credit card company.

Payment on the site is completely secure.

Anyone who made a purchase on the site that wishes to cancel it can do so under the following conditions:

For deliverables flowers on the same day or the next day, in the hour following the confirmation of the order.

For flowers available to more than 2 days, within 5 hours after the order validation.

To cancel an exceptional order, contact the company.

In all cases of cancellation by telephone, the customer will simultaneously send an email or written message.


Limitation of Liability:

Le temps des roses is committed to providing you with high quality products tailored to their use.

If a product received is not fresh or is faulty, the purchaser can contact the company at 0504394777 and inform. The parties agree that the company will review the complaint and may replace the product or refund the purchaser, at its sole discretion.

Images are indicative only, there may be differences and changes in the appearance of the product image and the actual product. Fresh flower arrangements are presented on the site for information purposes also. They depend on the availability of flowers and colors of the moment. In any case, we pledge to satisfy you and inform you if the product ordered has to be changed.

Fraudulent use of the site

Any natural or legal person who will misuse this website is liable to prosecution and

  Agrees to indemnify the Company for any damage to the company including legal fees, which are incurred by the

The property and rights protection.

The site contains various elements protected by copyright, trademark Commerce le temps des roses other property rights such as the content, images, graphics, music, video and sound use for purposes other than personal is strictly prohibited;

Le temps des roses reserves the right to modify the website at any time, or close it, as it may change at any time the rules on this website and in its sole discretion

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